Travelling Ale Kino!

The Young Audience Festival Travelling Ale Kino! is a mobile version of the International Young Audience Film Festival Ale Kino! It manages to reach small towns, where there are no cinemas operating on a daily basis and where children and teenagers do not have access to good films and large culture events. The program of Travelling Ale Kino! includes the most important films of the Poznań festival that compete for the prize awarded by local children. There is place for meetings with film stars, for exploring the cinema from behind the camera and for the official gala with children and artists. The most active participants of Travelling Ale Kino! will go to the capital of Wielkopolska.  
Travelling Ale Kino! involves not only film screenings, but also a lot of other attractions. During two or three days that we stay in each location, we organize meetings with filmmakers, run film workshops, competitions and opinion polls, show the insider's view of cinematography and advise teachers how to use films in school education.
Travelling Ale Kino! visits different towns across Poland. We want the event to become an all-year-round and cyclical event. That is why we would like to invite anyone interested in a visit from Travelling Ale Kino! to cooperation. If would like to see us in your town, contact us:
Paulina Łosińska-Tomasik – executive producer
Radek Tomasik – executive producer, tel. 509 995 710