Great Film Adventure

This project, which has been going on for 15 years, features outstanding film directors who enjoy working and meeting with children. As a result of the complete creative process, from writing the screenplay to organizing the première, we can watch shorts  that reflect the reality young artists struggle with at home and at school. This is the point. The cinema they know is mostly oriented towards entertainment. We want them to see it as a place for important conversation. The assumption of the workshops is to engage schoolchildren at every stage of the film creation process, from idea to execution, from the screenplay to the film set to editing. It is the project participants who choose the topic of the film, write the screenplay and divide any other functions necessary to make a film. Animation film workshops allow schoolchildren to learn the basic rules of animation and help them apply their knowledge and techniques of plastic arts in other art disciplines. They are a practical form of widening and supplementing film education at school and give the right tools for children to analyse and interpret different film and TV production independently and critically.
The workshops have been delivered by (among others): Tomasz Dettloff, Jacek Filipiak, Mikołaj Haremski, Stanisław Jędryka, Krystyna Krupska-Wysocka, Dorota Latour, Stanisław Lenartowicz, Igor Mołodecki, Jerzy Moszkowicz, Krzysztof Nowak-Tyszowiecki, Michał Rosa, Wiktor Skrzynecki.
The project is coordinated by Marian Suchanecki,, tel. 61 646 44 86.