Ale Kino! Film Festival

The International Young Audience Film Festival Ale Kino! dates back to the 1960s. In the mid 90s, it was thoroughly redesigned, which led to its transformation from a national event into a first class European festival. It currently attracts the third generation of residents of Poznań in its history, over 10,000 viewers every year. Today's festival is, next to The Biennial of Art for Children, the flagship event organized by Children's Art Centre. In 2010, it set off, in a mobile version, to visit small towns and villages, where children do not have the opportunity to experience good cinema on a daily basis.  
Ale Kino! shows films from all over the world, representing the richness and diversity of cinema for children and teenagers. The festival is a great cinema adventure, a journey though geographical latitudes and film genres. It presents young people as they laugh and cry, during adventures and tragedies, with unique understanding for their world and utmost respect. Ale Kino! means wise and inspiring cinema. These are films supporting dialogue within the youngest generation and dialogue with its members.
The mission of Ale Kino! is to promote quality international cinema for children and teenagers, to raise standards of film and media literacy and to develop discussion forums for young audiences as well as artists and educators. One of our objectives is to initiate children and teenagers to films. Since their first contact with the silver screen, viewers should come across films that are aesthetically attractive but also created with cognitive capabilities characteristic of their age in mind. This is why the organizers pay utmost attention to program selection and rating films for appropriate age groups.  
For years, Ale Kino! has been the only forum dedicated to films for children and teenagers in Poland, a place where filmmakers, producers, children festival organizers, educators and other people interested in young audience cinema can meet. The organizers continue the tradition of side festival meetings where discussion about the state of cinema for children can go on. It is especially important as filmmakers, producers and educators from around the world actively take part in the festival. It has become tradition for young actors who star in festival films for meet viewers. These meetings are one of the most important parts of the event. The organizers invite a few hundred producers and distributors from around the world, as well as teachers, educators and culture animators. The representatives of fields as different as film, media, science and education, with an interest in cinema and audiovisual media for young audiences, participate in the forum debate.

Over forty years ago, in 1969, Poznań organized the 1st National Young Audience Film Festival. There was no accident in the event being born here. Between 1963-1966 Poznań hosted the Review of Animations and Films for Children – it is in these remote times where Ale Kino! has its historic roots. There are few festivals in Poland with such a long-standing tradition. Initially, until 1996, the event was organized every other year. In 1994, next to the national competition, the first international contest was held. The festival has been using its present name since 1996 and its most important part has become the international competition, with Polish and foreign productions vying to win the Golden Goats in live-action and animation categories. Since its inception, the event has been an important, many-sided overview of Poland's young audience cinema. Now, Ale Kino! is the only film festival for young audiences in Poland with the international status and standard. Ale Kino! spreads the idea of a modern cinema for children and teenagers on a large scale. It is also well-known and respected abroad as a diverse forum for young audience cinema, promoting Polish and international film production and organizing the discussion about important topics in this area of cinematography. Importantly, Ale Kino! has a great influence on education of the future generations of Polish people.


29. Międzynarodowy Festiwal Filmów Młodego Widza Ale Kino!